Shangó is the Orisha of fire, thunder, lightening, and the owner of the sacred batá.  He symbolizes passion, masculine virility, and political prowess.

Historically Shangó is documented as the fourth king of the Oyó Empire in West Africa where he ruled for over four decades, this is the path of Shangó named Alafin.  The rule of Shangó was so influential that after his death he was deified to the status of an Orisha.

In Cuba, Shango is an extremely popular Orisha known for his charming seductive nature and masterful dance skills. He also has a considerable temper and is said to have been born with war upon his head, as is symbolized by the double-edged axe that is his ritual implement.

The odu Ejila Sebora details the relationship of Shangó and the sacred batá drum as a friendship since childhood. Shangó sacrificed a batá, as prescribed for wealth and success and it was achieved, “that is why the batá cannot leave Shangó.”

The colors of Shangó are red and white, with gold trimming on his garments. The most auspicious day of the week for Shangó is Friday and his ritual number is 6.

Offerings: Shangó’s favorite food is amalá, made of cornmeal and palm oil; okra; bananas; red apples; red table wine; bitter kola nut (he does not accept rum or cigars as offerings).