Naná is considered by some to be the concubine of Babalu-ayé and is exalted as an Orisha renowned for discovering illnesses concealed within the human body that modern medicine is unsuccessful in finding.  She is the mother of fresh waters and is worshipped at the head of the river and in the lagoon. [Her devotion in Haiti and Brazil is greater than currently exists in Cuba].

Naná has severe resentment for Ogún, as told in a patikin where a drunken Ogún was demanding the Orisha pay homage to him as the Orisha that cleared the way to earth for the other Orisha coming from the realm of Olodumare.  Disgusted by his display, Naná refuses the use of metal in her rituals.

Naná’s colors are pink and black and her ritual numbers are 7 and 9.